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Below are links to selected work covering books, 

American history, culture, identity, and politics.


On Pacific Islanders, settler colonialism, and whiteness for Public Books (April 9, 2024)

On colonial bleakness in novels on Somerset Maugham and George Orwell for The Los Angeles Review of Books (March 22, 2024)

On how national parks made my immigrant family American for The Washington Post (March 5, 2023)

On Asian American mediocrity and Jeff Yang's The Golden Screen for The Boston Globe (October 31, 2023)


On Punjabi restaurants popping up along American highways for The Washington Post (May 20, 2023)

On January 6, Shakespeare, and white nationalism for The Washington Post (January 22, 2024)

On Berlin's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" subway stop and German anti-Black racism for The Washington Post (November 27, 2022)

On the joint celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. and a Confederate general for The Washington Post (January 16, 2023)

On Bad Bunny as a Latin American political icon for The Washington Post (October 19, 2022)

On the history of forced sterilizations in light of the repeal of Roe v. Wade for The Washington Post (July 24, 2022)

On the increase in tubal ligations post-repeal of Roe v. Wade for The Washington Post (August 15, 2022)

On how 9/11 changed the trajectory of immigration reform for The Los Angeles Times (September 9, 2021)

On how Texas Rangers lore has masked a history of racist violence for The Texas Tribune (August 15, 2020)

On the plastics industry's effort to alleviate the recycling crisis for Politico (June 6, 2019)


For my complete book review portfolio, visit my BookMarks page.

On Afro-Asian love and Nina Sharma's The Way You Make Me Feel for The Washington Post (May 9, 2024)

On the corporeal and Vauhini Vara's This Is Salvaged for The Boston Globe (September 20, 2023)

On the borders of language and Geetanjali Shree's Tomb of Sand for The Washington Post (February 3, 2023)

On the London novel and Candice Carty-Williams's People Person for The Washington Post (September 8, 2022)

On cultural repatriation and Grace D. Li's Portrait of a Thief for The Boston Globe (May 5, 2022)

On the South Asian American novel and Namrata Poddar's Border Less for The Los Angeles Times (February 25, 2022)

On American landscapes and Sindya Bhanoo's Seeking Fortune Elsewhere for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (March 22, 2022)


On Farah Karim-Cooper, Shakespeare and race, and The Great White Bard for The Washington Post (August 23, 2023)

On Curtis Chin and Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant for The Washington Post (November 3, 2023)

On Jean Chen Ho, friendship, and Fiona and Jane for The Los Angeles Times (January 3, 2022)

On Sopan Deb, the all-American novel, and Keya Das's Last Act for The Chicago Review of Books (July 6, 2022)

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